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First off, thank you for joining the community at Creating Confidently. This has been a wish of mine for the better part of two years now, to begin blogging and documenting my own creative journey and sharing my musings on creativity itself.

All my life I have been involved in creativity - from reading with my family to dance classes, to competitions, writing and now teaching dance. However, these are classically ‘arts’, which is a topic I will get into at some point, but creativity is not only found in the arts; it is found in the everyday, in ourselves.

This opinion of creativity permeates my life in all facets and was a huge factor in my career choices. It has always been a push-pull between literature and kinesiology, of which I chose the latter. Now this may seem an odd choice for a self proclaimed creative, so much so that I started a blog about it, but with the view that creativity is everywhere I merely changed my perspective on how creativity fit into my everyday life.

Making exercise programs, working within constraints of ability or time or equipment and setting out to achieve a tangible goal may seem a bit confining for creativity, but working

within frameworks invites the ingenuity only creativity can bring to the table. I even merged

two of my creative passions, exercise and writing when I wrote an exercise compendium for my brother as a training tool to spice up his gym workouts a few years ago - weird that I can say years ago in relation to my career choices and projects, but there it is.

Because my interests vary wildly from reading and writing to dance and exercise I didn’t know how to

begin connecting with a wider community as each is niche and particular, but then I found the thread that connected them all when plotting out a different blog idea that never saw the light of day; creativity. The need to make something new was the driving force behind all of it, making meaning from movement and giving voice to thoughts, creating was the thread that ran through my life as a tether no matter where my interests lead.

Another fortunate spark occurred as I pondered how to move into the online space and begin making anew; the fact that many people don’t believe they are creative because they are not classically artists. But being a creative is not synonymous with artist, at least, not in the sense we have come to culturally understand one.

Which got me thinking, along with the barriers we carry as budding creatives and the lessons we can learn from following those passions wherever they may lead, how can we all accept creativity in our everyday lives. I want to tackle the idea that creativity is synonymous with art, and challenge what art has come to mean in the world today, and I invite all of you to weigh in as well.

I began this quest on Instagram with @creating.confidently. And so far it has allowed me to begin connecting with creatives and sharing our creations in a very public space. It is a way to encourage all of us to take up space and be seen, to open ourselves up to the process of creating and sharing and connecting, which is really what creativity is all about in the end; connecting on a human level with others in understanding and delight, something I, as an introverted personality, have always found difficult.

For those who don’t yet know me, my name is Emily and there are a few things you should know about me.

I love my family above all else. I am the eldest of six children and am incredibly close with all of them. I got married this past year to my wonderful Husband who thankfully supports this madness and is always encouraging me to forge ahead and try new things. They are, all of them, an incredible support network and I am forever grateful that they continue to support me in my life ambitions.

I am still growing, trying to find what it is that makes me create, drives me to want to do things like start blogging when I’m getting through an apprenticeship and studying for professional exams. So in the midst of this chaos it seems like the perfect time to start exploring what being a creative means in my life and beginning to learn new skills, like launching a blog, figuring out reels on Instagram and how to repost properly in your story.

From what drives our creativity to the barriers that hold us back and all the skills we can explore in between, Creating Confidently is all about how we all, in our humanness, are called to create.

Sign up to become a member at the login bar at the top of the page or subscribe to become part of the e-mail list and be kept up to date on new posts, activities and up-coming shenanigans.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of creativity!


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