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Spotlight: Hamilton Fashion Week - A Creative Community Collaboration

Instead of a mini series moment this week, I wanted to spend time spotlighting a wonderful local creative community event - Hamilton Fashion Week. I have had the privilege of attending the last three Hamilton Fashion Week shows in recent years and can definitely say they are always events to be remembered, and they continue to improve every year.

What is Hamilton Fashion Week?

This event occurs every February and gathers together local and not so local designers for an exhibition of wearable fashion. It is a celebration of creativity, community and collaboration; my three favourite Cs. Run by my brother in law and sister in law, who also have a designer line in the event, Eleanor Geraldine, Hamilton Fashion Week brings the fashion scene of the city into focus, reminding us all to support local and celebrate the wonderful creative efforts of our neighbours.

Celebrating a Variety of Creativity

Although this event's main draw is, of course, the designers and the lines they develop for the runway, there are so many creatives at work in this arena who need to be celebrated.

Event Organizers, Marketing Team, Photographers, Designers, Production Team, Collaboration Brands, Vendors, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Models, D.J.

All of these beautiful, talented creatives came together to create a cohesive, memorable, gorgeously abundant event. All types of creativity are present in an event like this one. From hardcore planners who make sure the event runs smoothly and makes sense to the designers putting their hearts into their creations with vision and technical skill, models you work their magic on the runway, expressing the clothes and matching their vibe, to the gorgeous photographs captured by seasoned professionals and the team of artists who help the models embody the look and glamour of the runway, every creative present has a versatile skill set uniquely qualified to satisfy the needs of the creative collective.

The true beauty of creativity is the appreciation of the entire community coming together in celebration of its diversity and thirst for creativity. Community is at the heart of this project, and it is one that fosters a true understanding of why we create; the joy of expression.

Check out the photos from Hamilton Fashion Week 2023 at the following account: @Hamiltonfashionweek or find them on Facebook

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