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Mini Series: The Hidden Creativity of Self Expression

This month has been about honouring our creative spark. As the month draws to a close I wanted to spotlight the unique ways we utilize creativity in our everyday life to express ourselves. All of these are obvious forms of self expression, but you may not think of them as being creative. Let the magic of creativity flourish in your everyday and embrace the power of creativity in your daily self expression.

Wardrobe - This is probably the first thing people notice about each other. Whether you care about your outward appearance or not, it’s there for all to see, and it can say a lot about who you are, at least, how you choose to present yourself. The most important part to remember is that when you feel comfortable and good and beautiful, others will see that too. Remember, expressing yourself through clothing isn;t just about what you wear, but how you wear it. Wear what makes you feel good, comfortable, confident; express who you are and how you feel through your wardrobe! I know, work and school have different rules and dress codes, but there are other ways to express your style and who you are when the wardrobe department is stifled.

Accessories - The best way around a particular dress code is to accessorize, again within company and safety guidelines. From jewellery to shoes, wrist watches to scarves, there are hundreds of accessories to choose from, and about a thousand different ways to wear them. Do you prefer bright, bold and chunky accessories or a more simple spot of silver? From earrings to bags and belts, accessories are one of the biggest ways we get creative in our daily life to show off our personality.

Hair/Make-up - We all hate to hear it, but outward appearance is the first thing people notice, and it’s the first opportunity we have to show the world who we are. The level of creativity that goes into hair and make up is astounding, and though you may stick to a neutral look for your everyday, that in and of itself is a creative choice. You are choosing your style, your look, and developing skills at the same time.

Tattoos - I love my tattoos; being covered in artwork that depicts what I love and therefore, who I am instantly makes me feel understood. They’ve also started a conversation or two, where we can build connection and greater understanding and appreciation for each other and for art. Tattoos are a not so subtle display of self expression in the creative sphere.

Conversation - The way we communicate literally says it all - about who we are, what we think and how we feel. Conversation is all about expressing ourselves, being understood, and connecting. Often referred to as the “art” of conversation, the exchanging of ideas or pleasantries, the way we choose phrases and string sentences together is a unique signature of expression that we twist and change throughout our lives.

Body Language/Movement - Believe it or not our movement patterns and body language, I think, are the most creative way we communicate and express ourselves in the world. It’s a secret language yet it’s universal, and everyone has their own unique accent and syntax. Not only body language, but the way we physically move within our environments can be pretty creative at times; if you’ve ever played the floor is lava or participated in improv dance, you know what I’m talking about.

From taste to appearance or speech to movement, we engage with creativity each and every day from the moment we rise until we fall back into bed. Learning to recognize the creativity we use throughout the day, and harnessing it to be more intentional really showcases the magic of our daily lives.

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