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Mini Series: Join me in the Gym

This month I want to invite you in to see the practices I use to keep myself inspired and motivated. This week I’d like to share my gym routine and how it integrates into my creative practice.

I used to work in gyms, personal train and run classes. Those years may be over now, but physical activity has always been part of my life, specifically, part of my creativity through dance. The gym also holds another significant meaning. My husband and I met in one, and we often now workout together regularly.

I find that the gym helps me to reconnect with my body. Writing is typically a sedentary activity and with poor posture from sitting over a desk or laptop my tension migraines make it impossible to focus. Movement is the only way to relieve them long term. Working out, seeing my body get stronger again and making connections with my husband are all incredible rewards for working out beyond the health benefits. Physical activity also helps with memory and creative output.

Right now I focus on full body routines to keep everything moving and loose. Because my job in pedorthics and dance education are physical in nature I don’t want to deal with DOMS or increased tightness due to focused workouts. So for now I keep myself focused on the big picture and stick to weights that are challenging, but that I know are manageable.

My current gym routine:

Warm up - 3 sets, 10 reps

TRX squats -body weight

TRX rows - body weight

TRX push ups - body weight

BOSU squats with 20lbs kettlebell

BOSU deadlifts with 20lbs kettlebell

Single leg deads with shoulder press (Flamingos) with 20lbs kettlebell

Workout - 3 sets, 8-10 reps

Smith machine bench press - 55 lbs

Smith machine Back squat - 85 lbs

Smith machine deadlifts - 75 lbs

Lat pulldown - 40 lbs

Seated Cable row - 40 lbs

Leg press - 165 lbs’

Cool Down

1 minute plank with stretching

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