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Mini Series: Investing in Your Creativity

This month, with a mantra like “Giving to creativity increases your abundance and fulfilment,” we definitely need to deconstruct what giving should look like, and instead choose to see what it can look like in our creativity.

Deconstructing the Narrative

When we hear “investing” it sounds, to me at least, like a very scary, laborious, sophisticated word tied intrinsically to money. This narrative around investing - putting money into assets like real estate or stocks or portfolios or businesses often holds fear and uncertainty for many, as well as a promise of security balanced with equal risk. Investing does not have to mean monetary value when we enter a discussion about investing in your creativity. You are wealthy in so many other aspects of your life, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

What are other values we can give?

Passion, presence, persistence , dedication, focus, energy, space, time, grace, priority, attention

We have so much to give! And when we give our gifts to our creative pursuit, be it hobby or business, we get back an abundance of joy, satisfaction, fulfilment, and product.

What we can look forward to Discussing

This mini series is going to be centered around the assumption that we are talking about creativity as a hobby. There are enough sources discussing investing in your creativity as a business without adding my very limited voice to the conversation. I want to really capture the idea of investing these other talents, and yes, in a small way money, into our hobbies that feed our souls, that nourish us in some way in our daily lives. We will be focusing on ways we can invest our Time, Energy, Funds (in a limited capacity) and Space into our creative pursuits.

I started investing my time and energy into my creativity years ago with my writing of novels. When I began the blog I began investing limited funds into hosting the website. And finally, in our home, I have dedicated space, our spare room to my creativity with my desk, creative tools, and artwork hanging on the walls.

Before we dive into each investment in the coming weeks, take some time to write down or think about the ways you’re already investing in your creativity, or make plans for how you think you might want to invest in it in the future.

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