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Mini Series: Investing Funds

So far, we’ve discussed time and effort as currencies for creativity which we can invest in our practices to reap rewards and benefits in abundance. This week we are turning to actual currency and what that can look like in all levels of creative practice. We are not looking at this from a business investment perspective. There are more than enough blogs, podcasts, and creative business coaches out there that take this angle. I specifically want to speak to the creatives who have difficulty spending money on their creativity because it’s “just a hobby”, or “only for me”.

You are not investing in a corporation or unknown person; you are investing in YOU! You pay for your kids' sports and activities, your husband might belong to a sports club or organization, you pay professional certification fees, you put funds towards vacations and date nights. All of these are examples of investing in your family, joy, and commitments. Why do you view your creativity differently?

Maybe you’ve done some retail therapy a time or two, or a spa day, or some nail or hair care. All of these are examples of indulgent self care. If you view creativity as this indulgent, guilty pleasure that only benefits you; first of all, we need to change that narrative, but second of all, fine, but acknowledge that it is a form of indulgent self care that you deserve to access and support because if it fills you up, it gives back to those you love too.

Things To Spend On

Materials and Tools - However you create, the chances that you need some kind of tool, material, equipment, or device is high. It can be daunting to see the cost of materials and choose to spend our hard earned money in that way, especially when we are just starting to dabble in a discipline. This investment of funds makes our commitment to the practice real. We choose the tools and materials and equipment we want to use to create.

Hosting Fees - Maybe you’re writing a blog or a book. Perhaps you need a subscription to a podcast or music service. Or there may be a need for photo editing or book writing software. In an age of technology host and subscription fees for software is only becoming more prevalent as time goes on. If this is the way to realize your creative dreams, do it! You are worth investing in.

Conference and Convention Fees - Your love for creativity and your craft has blossomed and you want to develop your own skill set while supporting others in your creative community too. Conventions and conferences are an incredible way to gain support, learn new things, and widen your creative community. You don’t need to be a professional to attend these. There are free and paid courses, conferences and conventions both in person and virtually for almost every kind of creative out there.

Studio Space - If you happen to be weaving, pottering, large scale painting, sculpting, advertising, etc… you may need more space than a room or two in your home. In this case, it may be prudent to rent a shared studio space a few times a week, or for a month or two at a time when you are actually needing to create the work you’ve been planning and inspiring on your off time. There are cost effective and affordable ways to do this for the hobbyist among us who wants to partake, but can’t justify spending money on a whole space for a few hours a week.

However you choose to invest your funds into your creativity, make sure that you really take the time to re-write those narratives that tell you it’s not a good enough reason. Your enjoyment and fulfilment are the best reasons to invest in something. You’re investing in your own health and happiness. You’re investing in you.

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