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Mini Series: Inspiration from Auditory Input

Welcome back for another weekly dose of inspiration on where to find inspiration in the creative life. We are subjected to auditory stimulation all day everyday, for those of us not hearing impaired, or hearing impaired with assistive devices, which can become massively overwhelming in its intensity and persistence. This doesn’t simply mean auditory stimulation is overwhelming. It also encompasses the messaging we are receiving from others' input and from our own self-talk. For more specific discussion around self talk, the impacts of it, and how we can change it to serve us better click HERE.

If we know our auditory threshold we may already be controlling the noise levels and exposure, but what are we limiting it to? What is the messaging that comes with the noise we allow ourselves to interact with? Whose voices play in our head and what do they say to us? These are all crucial questions to ask when discerning the quality of auditory input.

Excessive noise in decibel count causes stress and strain, often seen through the development of a headache and muscle pain in the neck and shoulders. Do you have days where you drive in the car and in a fit of frustration power off the sound and immediately feel your shoulders drop down from your ears and the pounding in your head subside? I have many of these types of drives home. On the flip side, many of us have days where laughter soothes all pain, music feeds the soul, and the soft sounds of nature happening outside our window fill us with awe. These moments are precious. These are the things we were meant to hear.

Today I want to share with you some auditory input that has been inspiring to me lately, and I hope you’ll share what inspires you when you hear it in the comments.


The Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte Official Playlist on Spotify - This playlist accompanies a beautifully powerful original Netflix Series based on the novels by Julia Quinn. The power in these instrumental arrangements is incredible and it just really sweeps you away.

Emily James Playlist on Spotify - I have found quite a few great pieces by this artist both for choreographing and as inspiration for a series of romantic suspense novels I have in the works. It sets a mood, no matter what song you choose, and it helps to inhabit a set of emotions that can be difficult to access in their nuanced depth without some entry point.


Paperback Writer by Vitamin String Quartet - I just love the violin arrangement.

Woman Down by Carly Pearce - This is definitely a new hype song for me. It makes me feel empowered, humbled, and resilient all at once.

Naked by Jake Scott - A beautiful and bopping piece of emotional intimacy and the courage to be vulnerable.

Go the Distance violin cover by Taylor Davis - The inspiration behind my littles ballet recital piece this year. Disney Hercules is my favourite Disney movie of all time, so this was a nice, dressed up variation.

Tiny Voice by Lexi Walker - The inspiration for my littles lyrical recital dance. It is finally a good, age-appropriate message about listening to those tiny voices in our lives, teaching young children that what they say does matter and is important.

Make it Look Easy by DITA - The inspiration behind this year's jazz piece of recital. It’s a fun, upbeat tune that just fills you with energy when you hear it.


The Creative Exponent Podcast - Co hosted by Marian Parsons and Shaunna West it talks all things creativity, and just drills down into the beauty of forging a creative life without downplaying the trials you face along the way with humour, honesty, and fun.

The Unpublished Podcast - Co hosted by Amie McNee and James Weinstein, this husband and wife team are no strangers to many in the creative arena of life. They run master classes, have a collective and discuss all things writing and creative practice on their podcast.

Sustaining Creativity Podcast - Hosted by Mari Reisberg, this is an interview style podcast that brings all different creative outlets together to discuss what living creatively means to them and gives a platform to those who we may not think of as traditionally creative in their careers. Informative and expansive, this podcast is a great one for anyone searching for different perspectives around creativity.

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