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Mini Series: Holding Space for Creativity

Updated: Mar 9

This month I want to focus some energy on maintaining space in our lives for creativity to inhabit. This may be a physical space in your home, the mental space to day dream, or the emotional availability to open yourself up to experiences and sharing. However you want to hold space for creativity in your life this month, Creating Confidently is here to support you on that journey and join you in the pursuit of welcoming creativity.

Physical Space is such an important aspect of zoning into your creativity. Now, don’t go thinking that until you have a dedicated room, with a door and custom cabinets, a desk or a studio space that you aren’t holding space for your creativity to flourish. Physical space could be as large as a corner claimed by your quilting supplies, or a draft table in the dining room, or as small as a notebook tucked away and trundled around in your bag all day long waiting for the chance to jot down inspiration as it surfaces. Holding physical space on your phone in the note section or a playlist, in a pen being easy to hand or a comfy corner full of creative encouragement.

Holding the mental space in your daily life for creativity can be a real struggle, but one that is worth the reward of creative flow and inspiration. This one requires you to give yourself permission to embrace your creativity. This is the most beautiful piece; to know that you are claiming your creative life. This can look different for everyone - from allowing yourself to day dream, planning your next creative project on your lunch break or talking through a creative vision with a friend or a voice memo on your daily commute. Mental space for creativity is paramount to cultivating accountability and consistency in your creative practice. So long as we have space for creative thought, we have access to unlimited potential.

Emotionally making yourself available to your creativity, holding emotional space, is essential to overcoming all of the narratives and patterns of self betrayal and societal pressures surrounding creativity. The ability to become more aware of what drives you, and for you to reflect upon how you see the world and operate within it, and then be willing to share it through creative expression is one that is envious, one that is developed specifically on the creative path. It’s what makes creativity so hard, opening our hearts up to manifest an expression of those innermost thoughts and feelings out into the world. To do so requires intense vulnerability and simultaneously begs for us to be strong. When we do the work and hold the space for our emotions to be expressed in a healthy, creative, productive way, our creativity becomes an incredible force in our lives for healing, peace and delight.

How do you hold space for your creativity? Which ways are you good at holding space, and where do you need to expand your horizons to embrace all of the levels and veracity of your creative spirit?

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