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Mini Series: Grace in the Creative Practice

To round off this exceptional month of May we are pulling it all together to look at utilizing and accepting grace into our creative practice.

Grace may be a gift, but it is earned with bravery, acceptance and offering. It helps us overcome fear and doubt and brings joy and calm back into what can sometimes become an overwhelming process.

Time to strategize:

Barriers in the Creative Practice

How to Practice Grace

Fear of failure, exposure and feedback

- Bravery and boldness - belief in your creativity and claiming you creative energy - Maintaining personal power and taking feedback with a grain of salt - Determination to keep going even when you don’t know what direction you want to go in


- Allowing ourselves to create imperfect art - Giving ourselves space to explore new creative outlets - Push through (with kindness) to finish projects instead of stalling to perfect each piece

Guilt and shame at wanting to be seen

- Sharing our creativity in small bits and pieces - Understanding that wanting to be seen is a human need to connect - Allowing time for the vulnerability hangover

It is okay to be scared of embracing your creativity, of exploring new paths and new ways of experiencing the wonders around us. It’s easier sometimes to bury it and save it for those moments when we are alone and safe. There is nothing wrong with creating for yourself! That is giving yourself grace. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be seen - that is giving yourself grace.

There is only something wrong when we do not allow ourselves the grace to create.

What you feel the need to create is important. The fact that you feel the need to create is beautiful. Give yourself the space to explore and create in your own time with your own direction. Giving grace in the process means reserving judgement, holding that inner critic silent to allow for the space to grow into your creativity and refine the process in which you create.

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