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Mini Series: Giving Grace

Last week we talked about inviting grace into our creative practice and lives in general. This week I want to look at how we can give grace to ourselves, our creativity and others.

Let’s Strategize!

Times we need grace:

Ways to give Grace:

When we do not check off all of the to do list

Offer support and understanding

When we make mistakes

Forgive the little things

When we are overwhelmed

Let your mind rest

When we break down

Consume what makes you happy


Give what you can

Is it just me or is this almost all of the time? But how do we put these into action?

Small acts of kindness can go a long way. Give yourself and others the grace, the space to be imperfect without expectation or judgement. Sometimes this is unavoidable - when we need them to do a job, when we have a duty to perform. But when it is not imperative that something gets done, leave the space for a change of plans, for a time to sit with yourself and do nothing, or to do what you want instead of what you have to do.

Instead of writing today, sit and read. Instead of cleaning the whole house top to bottom, get the laundry done. Break down the task and complete it bit by bit instead of all at once.

Leave room for error. If we do not leave space to be wrong, imperfect and messy we are denying grace in our lives. To give that grace back leave room for the imperfect, the spontaneous, the lazy. We are not built to go, go, go all the time. We are not built to stay still for long stretches. We need action and movement and stimulation, but we also need to balance that with unplugging, nature and joy.

Encouragement is all fine and good until it leads to overwhelm, until it denies space for rest. Support can speak volumes, support for goals and dreams and action and support for the quiet and rest and stillness. Give grace with intention for kindness, stillness and understanding. Sometimes the best way to give grace is to embody it and sit with it. Giving it to others allows us to better give it to ourselves.

Give space to grow and you will have given the room for grace.

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