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Mini Series: Cringe and Create - Sketching

This week I am venturing way out of my comfort zone; I write, I dance, I blog, I am NOT a visual artist, and yet for today’s Cringe and Create feature I have decided to sketch. Did I stick to a simple building - which can still be quite complex, but simple shapes? Absolutely not! In a fit of ridiculous confidence and undue bravery I decided as all novices do, to make pet portraits of my two beautiful, sassy little kitties.

Apparently cute cat ears have proportions, as do their eyes. But I like to believe I captured their sweet and sassy spirits. I am giving a side by-side with the reference photos for full effect. I really did try - especially on the Millie portrait sketch, by Rowena, I knew I was in way over my head with no chance at accuracy. The fact that I know this is not my wheelhouse, that I know it’s bad makes this easier. That’s not to say I didn’t try - I did, but I know this isn’t my skill set. The point of today is to share what we’re bad at, what we want to get better at, and get comfortable to feeling like failures, to feeling like we are bad at something so that when it happens during an activity we are good at, where we are confident, the feeling can’t overwhelm us and make us feel small.

I hope these bring you laughter and a little forgiveness for our own learning process and exploration.

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