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Mini Series: Cringe and Create - Jingles

When I wander around the house, cleaning or doing projects, even just sitting around doing not too much of anything in particular, I not only talk to myself, which I am admitting to the entire internet, but I sometimes just sing to myself about what I’m doing or noticing as it happens. I find it fun, and a little silly, to make up jingles and theme songs for things and creatures in my life. Now, I am a bad singer. I can’t carry a tune and am definitely tone deaf, so, the attached video is as cringe as it gets….for everyone involved.

The first is for my mom’s dogs, Hagrid and Fezzik, while the second and pitchier of the two is for my kittens, Millie and Rowena. I have yet to come up with one for my mom’s kitties, but I’m sure it’s coming soon.

Share what you do in your daily life that is cringe, but creates joy in your day and fills it with colour.

In the event the video does not load, have a blast singing the jingles to your own tune!

"Hagrid and Fezzik, lifelong friends! Hagrid and Fezzik, adventures till the end."

"Millie Bean and Rowena kitten the most beautiful kittens on this side of town. Millie Bean and Rowena kitten the most wonderful kitties around."

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