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Mini Series: Cringe and Create - Break

This week has been a wild one, getting ready for a bridal shower to celebrate a wonderful bride to be this weekend, finishing renos has been super crunch time and the sheer focus and time it has taken has been incredible. My husband came in Monday night after night spent on final touches of painting and asked if I had seen the first flowers blooming in our first garden.

The question took a moment to register and then the horror registered when I realized I hadn’t even noticed this wonderful moment of beauty in all of the chaos and exhaustion and busyness happening around us. The next morning I took a picture of them, fully making a commitment to take the time to notice this spontaneous moment of creation.

This week I do not have a lesson in cringing through creating, making bad art or becoming comfortable with not doing something well. I only have the message that it is okay to take a break, to literally stop and smell the flowers on your creative journey.

Get out there and breathe in the fresh air, let the sunshine sink into your skin and create through the cringe of life.

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