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Mini Series: Barriers to Creativity

Because we’re looking at our creative journeys, we need to analyze, admit and discuss the barriers we face trying to live a creative life. Everyone has their own narratives surrounding creativity, what we are going to look at are pivotal, common barriers we all face to some extent, not only in our creative journeys, but in our everyday lives as well.

Creativity is something we have to decide to do. It doesn’t just happen, we have to be dedicated to the practice of creating. When something begins to seep into our lives we need to make the space for it. Life happens, and when it does it becomes easy to fall into inconsistency which can easily become non-existent. With this miniseries I want to look at some common barriers and, more importantly, strategies to overcome them.

We’ll be digging into the narratives surrounding perfectionism, procrastination, and prioritization relating to the creative journey. We all face these in different ways and to varying degrees, but they are universal barriers.

I have encountered each of these barriers in every creative discipline I have ever tried. Although the barriers are universal, the solutions to overcoming each of them are always different and dependant on the discipline and the circumstance in which I am facing it.

I am mistaken - there is something universal about the solutions to these barriers - the creativity required to overcome them is invariable.

Each week we will take a deep dive into these universal barriers to creativity and share strategies to overcome them, helping build a stronger, better equipped creative community. Just because creativity can be a singular pursuit doesn’t mean we have to be on our journeys alone.

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