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The goal of Creating Confidently is three fold: 

1) To create crap. Creating confidently whether you're a beginner or an expert can be very difficult, especially when it feels like you have no community, or are being scrutinized by society. But it is in the creation of shitty art, of poor attempts that growth happens and we learn to embrace the imperfections that make our creativity thrive.

2) To broaden our minds; creativity is not only art; creativity of anything and everything from the classic art traditions to baking, cooking, the trades, carpentry, engineering etc... Every one if us is a creative soul, we just have different ways of showing it and just because you may not make art in the classical sense, or even make art at all; your creativity is needed, it is valid and it is important. 

3) Embolden ourselves as creators to break down the barriers in the world and in ourselves that keep us from following our creativity through learning new skills to rejuvenate our own creative processes and disciplines.   

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